Keeping Up Appearances

When it comes to your appearance, you’re naturally a little vain and proud. That, or you’re self-conscious. These seem to be the two states of human being regarding their appearances. And, the two are tied to together, as you’re only self-conscious if you’re vain but also feel as though it’s not working out. Therefore, it’s important for us to put some effort into our appearance considering its importance to us. That, and of course, it factors heavily into social interaction, whether you want it to or not. However, it’s not always a clear cut path we take to get to where we want in terms of our appearance. So, it’s good to get an extra helping hand on deck from time to time. Here are a few tips to help you improve your appearance.

First and foremost, let’s talk about dry shampoo and leave in conditioner. Dry shampoo is exactly what it sounds like. It’s shampoo, but it is intended to be used on a dry head of hair. AS you might imagine, this opens the door to a number of possibilities. For example, dry shampoo allows you to wash your hair outside of the bath or shower, of course, which means that you can wash your hair without showering if you’re in a hurry and deem the cleanliness of your hair to be more important or the shower, itself, to be too much of a time sink. Leave in conditioner is the reverse of dry shampoo and, yet, accomplishes much of the same function of saving time. Leave in conditioner, as the name suggests, is conditioner intended to be applied and simply left in your hair. This works by gradually absorbing into your hair and moisturizing it over time. While your hair is intended to be wet, and, thus, assumes you’ve showered already, it shaves off some of the overall bath time by setting and forgetting your conditioner, and it simply moisturizes better than the standard method.

Another important factor of your appearance is, of course, your wardrobe. The clothes you wear say a ton about you, and you want what’s being said to be positive, of course. Therefore, try shopping for more upscale, high end clothing like that on offer with Saks Off 5th. This is project a more satisfactory representation of yourself as someone with style and class, and may be even a little bit of money. (Wink, wink)