Dry Shampoo and Other Types of Shampoo


Years ago, washing your hair was something that didn’t require a whole lot of effort. There weren’t many types of shampoo to choose from, and it was really a matter of brand preference more than anything, but now it a lot more that’s why dry shampoo is the most advisable.

Best choice

These days, however, it’s really a lot more complicated. A quick glance at the shampoos on the shelves of your drugstore reveals that the market caters to so many different hair types and personal preferences. It can take a lot more than two minutes to make a decision. Do you want something that smells like flowers or fruit? Is your hair dry or oily? Do you want liquid shampoo or dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is an interesting choice because it doesn’t require getting your hair wet or even stepping in the shower. This appeals to a lot of people because those with problematic hair can find that the washing and styling routine can occupy a big chunk of time from their day. Even people who prefer to wash their hair in the shower as often as possible find dry shampoo handy for travel or bringing along to the gym. This is something most people should have in their arsenal of hair products, even if they only use it a few times a year.

Hair type

Among the types of liquid shampoo, one of the most important criteria when selecting one is your hair type. Oily hair types should never consider shampoo made for dry hair because it will only make an oiliness problem worse. People with dry hair should stay away from shampoo labeled as being for oily hair because it may contain harsh chemicals that could dry the hair out even further. Those with normal, easy to manage hair will find themselves with the widest variety of options.  Choosing shampoo based on your hair type will only narrow down the field slightly. You will still have a bit of a decision to make. The cheapest options tend to be the most basic. If you’re not fussy and you just want clean hair, you can make your choice based on price alone. Learn more.

Shampoo scent

If you have a sensitive nose, you might want to take note of the scent. Some people have a strong preference for different types of fragrances. Most men veer away from the floral scents. Children like fun scents that remind them of fruit or candy. An extension of this is aromatherapy shampoo, which can lift up your senses a bit as you massage it into your scalp. These usually contain essential oils that are heavily fragranced to give your mood a particular effect. A color-depositing shampoo is great for people who color their hair or even those who don’t. People who do get their hair colored might notice that the color starts to fade pretty much the first time they wash their hair after getting it dyed. These shampoos contain a very diluted amount of coloring to help replace what is naturally washed away from shampooing. Even people who don’t color their hair might opt for this type to help enhance their natural color or even to add a hint of red or blonde to darker hair colors.


When you’re running late, you don’t have time to give your hair the full salon treatment. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out greasy! Instead of jamming that old ball cap over your eyes again, reach for some dry shampoo a clever invention designed to refresh hair between washes without getting it wet.


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